Welcoming 2012: New Years Recap

After having such an amazing time celebrating New Years in Scotland last year, we decided to try to one up ourselves this year in our attempt to continually make each year better than the last.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough room in our apartment, so we needed to get a bigger venue. Luckily, Tim’s parents were out of town and have more than enough room for what we had planned.

After weeks of preparation, and many hours of decorating, it was finally time for our 3-part party.

First Stop: Tubing up Cypress Mountain.

With 9 other party goers we had a pre-party sledding fest up Cypress mountain. Between hiking up the hills, doing quick catch-ups waiting in line and working together to come up with new 9-person group tubing configurations, we prepped ourselves for a night of saying good bye to the old, and hello to the new.

While the hikes up the hill were surprisingly tiring, tubing was a great way to break the ice and loosen ourselves up for the party to come. True to form, the only way we could pull off acting classy later that night was to get all the immaturity out of us sliding down a hill. It still didn’t really do the trick.

Second Stop: Partying with 200 Balloons

The food was mostly prepped and decorations put up, all that was needed to be done was a few minor touch ups and medium-sized freakouts as Tim and I raced around the apartment cleaning up the discards of our decorations and blowing up those last few helium balloons. With 200 helium balloons to blow up, there were bound to be a few last-minute things to do before everyone arrived.

There was also bound to be a few things we forgot, like, for instance, that we put baguette on the broiler to toast. As smoked billowed out of the oven and Tim burned himself in selfless sacrifice to make sure the apartment wouldn’t also burn, we were reminded that we weren’t perfect, and there is still room for our classy party hosting to improve. And good thing too, because without that reminder we would have thought we peaked as party planners at a young age.

The rest of the night went off seamlessly without any complications or party fouls, being the perfect set up to say farewell to the old and hello to year the world will (allegedly) end.

Third Stop: Welcoming the New Year at Lost Lagoon

Just minutes to countdown, we hurried out the door with bottles of bubbly to welcome in the New Year beside Lost Lagoon. As we arrived, we noticed a man setting up fireworks, which, at the moment when we arbitrarily decided the clock turned to 2012 (as always, there was a bit of controversy around which phone carrier was right), were set off for our own private fireworks show.

As we returned to the house to play out the night under 200 balloons, we were delighted with another year passing, and another successful party.

  • http://onehouseonecouple.blogzam.com/2012/01/new-yearsresolutions/ Lisha

    Wow you guys really go big with your parties! I cannot get over how many balloons are floating around in there! :)


  • http://onehouseonecouple.blogzam.com/2012/01/redneck-monster-truck/ Lisha

    Amazing welcome to 2012! Adore the 200 balloons and the resolutions (which ones were yours?) tied up to them. i wonder what you did to all of those balloons after the party :)