Memories in a Jar

As we travelled around Europe last year, we collected a fair amount of souvenirs. From ticket stubs, to maps, to coasters, to tacky tourist toys, we ended up filling an entire pocket of our suitcase with memories from our travels.

These tiny momentos were important to us. Sure, we could be satisfied with our hundreds of photos taken of our travels. Yet, no matter how many photos we took and no matter how many blog posts we wrote, a ticket stub can be far more effective to transport you back to moments in the past than any amount of words.

After landing back in Canada and taking a few months to reintegrate ourselves into Canadian life, however, we were confronted with a problem: What the heck should we do with this bag full of artifacts? We started with the idea of scrap-booking, but realized that a lot of what we brought back was 3D and wouldn’t fit in a book. Then came the idea of just storing everything away in a box, but that felt a lot like putting our memories in storage. Then Tim came up with an idea: Why not display our momentos so we could be reminded of them all the time?

The result of this idea was purchasing a few mason jars and tactfully placing our travel artificats inside the glass jars for display. Mason jars also tie into decorating themes in our past, as our wedding glasses were made to look like mason jars. To class-up the jars and tie them into the rest of the room, Tim sprayed the lids of the jars white.

We were pleased with the results:

The Ireland Jar

The England Jar

The Greece Jar

  • http://thatsacorker.com Matt Corker

    I love this idea! Really great way of collecting memories! :)

  • http://onehouseonecouple.blogzam.com Lisha

    Cool! That was so cute of you to keep a memorabilia of all the good memories you want to keep. You’re right, no amount of words can bring back the experience than the token itself. :)


  • stephbo93

    What a great idea! I never know what to do with that stuff either, but I don’t want to part with the reminders. Thanks for the suggestion!